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A trip to Langtang is a fascinating journey into the natural beauty of Nepal. Considered one of the most beautiful valleys in the world, Langtang is a wonderful mix of Nature and culture.

Home to Langtang National Park, this beautiful region lies at the north of Kathmandu. The national park has an area of 1,710 square kilometers. Forests cover around 25% of the national park, and the rest is a mix of cascading hills and mountains.

The park is home to some high-altitude lakes. Lake Gosiankunda is the most prominent one, with pilgrims flocking there in August. It is during the full moon of July-August that the festival of Janai Purnima is observed. Pilgrims go dip in these lakes as it is believed to rid them of their sins. As holy as these lakes are, they have a huge geographical significance too. These glacial lakes create about seventy glacier basins and hot springs.

The region has a variety of climate zones, the source of its geographical diversity. While the southern hills of Langtang have subtropical climate, the northern peaks are alpine. Visitors get a sort of “nature overloaded” feeling, one that makes them return again.

The flora found here are mostly oak, maple, evergreen pines, and rhododendrons. These dense alpine forests are home to animals like the elusive snow leopard, and the endangered red panda. The common wildlife comprises Himalayan black bear, Himalayan tahr, and rhesus monkeys. It is remarkable to note that Langtang is the origin of countless tales about the Yeti.

The region is home to the ethnic Tamang and Sherpa, who have preserved their way of life. Their culture and language is unique. Practicing a form of Buddhism, many are engaged in farming and hospitality. A road via Timure links this region to Tibet.

Due to diverse terrain, visitors can enjoy activities like trekking, whitewater rafting, and climbing. Trekkers enjoy walking through beautiful forests with close-up views of mountains. At every turn, you can savor the beauty of Nature at its best. A prominent attraction is the Buddhist monastery called Kyanjin Gompa, located in a scenic valley.

To visit Langtang, take a 32 km ride through a narrow and winding road out of Kathmandu to reach Syabru Besi. From there you can hike along as far as Kyanjin Gompa, and beyond. Trekkers like to visit in summer when rhododendron and other flowers are blooming. You will see the “treasure chest” of Nature, and wonder in amazement at her grace!

Langtang is a less crowded region compared to other popular trekking areas of Nepal. Here, you will see the amazing topography, and a unique culture preserved for generations. You will experience a perfect blend of natural beauty and adventure. We recommend you to choose an activity and go for it in the beautiful Langtang region of Nepal.