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Guidelines for Nepalese Citizens

General Guidelines for Nepalese Citizens on How to Interact with Visitors

At the Airport:

  1. If a visitor asks, provide the correct information. Clearly say that you don’t know if you do not know what they are asking for.
  2. Do not try to call them or shout at them to rent your taxi unless they ask for it first. Do not haggle or bargain - just follow the meter. Provide them receipt upon reaching their destination.
  3. If you think they are confused or they have lost the way, kindly ask if you can help them.

Lost & Found:

  1. If you find a passport or foreign papers, take them to the nearest police station.

At Attractions & Historical Landmarks:

  1. Do not forcefully offer them a sightseeing tour or offer them to take their photos around tourist attractions.
  2. Do not annoy them by trying to force-sell your goods or “souvenirs”.
  3. Do not litter or spit. Keep your city clean.